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Anti-Union Derangement in the UK.

June 29, 2014
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Anti-European Union rage making the case for the UK leaving the EU:

  • No need to be in the EU to trade with it; after all 93% of the world is not in the EU but still survives and trades with it.
  • In fact UK trade and jobs suffer because of EU membership. From 2007 to 2012 we had a balance of payments deficit with the EU of £241 billion against a surplus with non EU countries of £51 billion.
  • Everyone goes on about the single market but there’s only a single market in goods (our weakest area) and no single market in services or digital, our strongest areas. Hence a huge deficit with Germany: the manufacturing giant.
  • Everyone similarly bangs on about car manufacturers leaving if we exit but they don’t say over 60% of UK car production is for home and non EU consumption.
  • 5% of businesses trade with the EU but 100% have to apply EU rules .
  • The CAP costs Britain £12 billion a year in opportunity costs.
  • The EU is declining as a share of global trade and the global economy.
  • of course trade is adversely affected by our loss of ability to set our own trade agreements.
  • Millions of EU economic refugees flood Britain, costing us money and of course we have our £20 billion annual budget contribution.

Deranging the Derangement:

All more or less true but somewhat silly. Take services: the union for services ought to be made. Leaving the union will not achieve that, far from it. Quite the opposite, indeed.

Take the “millions of EU economic refugees”: they actually make Britain rich. The original English population is stuck at 40 millions. So more than 56% of the augmentation of population has been caused by said “refugees”. The place with more “refugees”, London, including 400,000 Frenchmen, is the richest.

Putin is a problem, and both Paris and London, let alone Berlin, could take a hit from it. That’s real.

That Prince Charles got millions from CAP, well, it ought to be slashed, but does cost much economically comparatively to the interdiction of GMOs… The latter has made France go from # 2 agriculture exporter to # 8 or so, and sinking…

Or take shale oil and gas. Problem? It’s not the EU! It’s that, in Britain, the Crown owns the land, not the critters who call themselves British. So they don’t personally profit of digging below their heels. For some reason, they resent the idea.

(In France they would, but fracking has been outlawed there, by the French, not EU, government.)

Meanwhile the USA are laughing all the way to the bank… for the next few years.

Chris Snuggs, a UKIP member, persists:

“The EU ‘saved Europe’.” NO, THEY DID NOT. The Americans, British and allies “saved Europe” from its OWN fascism = a powerful elite DOING WHAT IT WANTS. For me, the PEOPLE are sovereign,

I want to leave the EU and be like poor, failing, miserable, lonely Switzerland ….

“Saved Europe from its own fascism”? Well maybe Chamberlain ought not to have grovel to Hitler in 1938, nor Britain sign a Treaty with the Nazis in 1935… And the USA played a dual role, as should be well known by now.

I myself admire a lot of what is going on in Switzerland, and recommend it. However, the relationship with the EU is completely enormous to Switzerland. For a number of reasons, as it is, it’s not sustainable. Moreover, what the EU tolerates from Switzerland, it does not, and would not tolerate from other countries.

Switzerland has mostly to do with direct democracy. I do not see it coming to the UK, by a long shot. Yet, I do think that the EU ought to go towards it. Scotland, and, certainly Catalonia, not to say Corsica, could do with more autonomy.


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