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Putin Entangled Plutos

April 26, 2014

New York Times, April 26: “Russia and its allies in the European private sector are conducting a separate campaign to ensure that they can maintain their deep and longstanding economic ties even if the Kremlin orders further military action.

European banks and businesses are far more exposed to the Russian economy than are their American counterparts. Trade between the European Union and Russia amounted to almost $370 billion in 2012, while United States trade with Russia was about $26 billion that year.

As a result, they have lobbied energetically to head off or at least dilute any sanctions, making it hard for American and European political leaders to come up with a package of measures with enough bite to influence Moscow’s behavior in Ukraine.

Since Russia’s annexation of Crimea, energy companies, exporters, big users of Russian natural gas and investors with stakes in Russia have counseled caution. “Neither in energy terms, nor politically, should we turn away from Russia,” said Rainer Seele, the chairman of Wintershall, a subsidiary of the large German-based chemical company BASF that is deeply entwined in Russia’s oil and natural gas trade.”

My comment:

European plutocrats have long known their Russian partners are even dirtier than them, and admired them for it. Their fortunes depend upon not seeing anything wrong with the worst ways and means. Putin is probably their ideal boss.

It is the plutocratic entanglements between the Kremlin and Western plutocrats that have made Putin and his clique so crazy, and so self assured.

Something similar, just worse, occurred with Hitler and Mussolini: so many Anglo-American plutocrats had entangled their fate with that of the Reich, that Hitler felt invincible too. Instead the Reich was played out and destroyed, and plutocracy marched on. Mussolini was hanged from an American gas station… in Milan.

At this point, unfortunately, progressives ought to chose the best choice, and it’s certainly not the dictator of Red Square, heir of a tradition that saw the Great Catherine (conqueror of “New Russia”), quarter her enemies alive on said place. Three centuries doing the bad works of the occupying Mongols has twisted the souls of Kremlin dictators, even before Ivan the Terrible.

Kiev is the real mother Russia, twice older than Moscow, and always turned to the West, rather than to the Dark Side. At some point, though, the Dark Side is not stopped by prayers or wishful thinking, but by an ever greater violence. Only one man, a complete idiot, a KGB man, much admired for his (lack of) brains, will decide of that.

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