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Climate Deterioration Update, March 2014

March 31, 2014

All this is well known, and was described years ago by serious people.
Yet one has to understand this about the poisoning of the atmosphere with unbalanced levels of CO2:

1) The warming is still accelerating overall. Although it has slowed down in the atmosphere, that’s more than compensated by an acceleration in the oceans (where most of the heat and CO2 goes). The situation with the atmosphere is equivalent to that of boiling water: the temperature does not grow, but the transfer of energy keeps on going.

2) Warming in the oceans could, and will, liberate methane hydrates, with enormous warming potential. That could be sudden and devastating, complete with tsunamis.
This methane gun could discharge, any day. Then the warming crisis would feel equivalent to World War Three.

3) So far the warming is only one degree Celsius, globally, in one century. It’s expected to reach another two degrees, fast.

4) A one meter rise of sea level will be devastating, and is guaranteed.

5) All this is complex: the warming of the Pacific Ocean has accelerated trade winds (with now 4 times their old energy), the warm water has been flushed by the Coriolis force, to the South West, thus cooling the water off California by upwelling, creating thus an anti-cyclone, hence drought there.

6) Indeed, as predicted years ago by Patrice Aymé, much of the energy of warming is going into potential (low and high pressure) and dynamic effects (winds and convoluted jet stream causing the intrusion of polar air way south on the Eastern sea board of the USA, among others).


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