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American Pluto Surrendering Monkeys

March 28, 2014

Men were born equal, and, for millions of years, they evolved as equal beings. However, civilization has made possible for a few to have everything, and for the rest to live in chains. As a few gather extraordinary powers, it is easy for them to gather even, and ever, more. Against this effect, plutocratization, society has to be organized, as priority number one.

Antique Rome failed that way.

For centuries, except for slaves, and the Native Americans who were stolen and massacred, Americans were rich. At least Americans were very rich relative to Europeans or anybody else in the world (yet, slavery and holocaust stayed a worm of horror inside the fruit). There was plenty of land to grab on the ever expending frontier.

Up to the end of the Nineteenth Century, land was distributed, for free (basically) by the government. As this came to an end, the first billionaire appeared, Carnegie, who wrote that wealth ought to be redistributed, because those who had acquired it acquired it only thanks to the state.

The backlash led by the two Roosevelt against the fortunes made around 1900, was accompanied by the just society (GI Bill) that had to follow World War Two (nobody was to argue with 11 million armed young men trained to kill in the name of democracy).

However, American plutocrats gathered immense wealth overseas around World War Two. Unleashed, starting under Nixon, those worthies, thanks to their ownership of the Main Stream Media, persuaded the Commons that “class struggle” was an obsolete notion. So here we are.

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