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Biosphere’s Oligarchic Crash

March 24, 2014

In the France of the Ancient Regime, the aristocrats constituted 2% of the population and paid no, or little tax. Louis XVI tried desperately to make them pay tax, for nearly 20 years, until he basically had to launch the Revolution to do so.

How do this .1% achieve their power? By their control of the media. Thousands of my comments sent to one of the most famous newspapers in the USA, were censored. On the Huffington Post, only 8 of my comments were ever published(!)

Talking too negatively about the plutocratic mood is not something to encourage, think our Lords and the papers they finance.

One should not imagine that this nascent oligarchy will be as innocent as those which preceded it before. Oligarchy is inimical to advanced thinking, and progress: this is why the Roman empire collapsed.

We, Earthlings, are in desperate times, as resources of old are disappearing, and the biosphere is degenerating (literally) under our assaults. The fact that only a few are acquiring control of all thinking, or more exactly propaganda, is bound to make our civilization increasingly stupid, and thus unable to find the solutions we need. To wit, the research budget of Obama lowers fusion research spending by 17%. (It is entirely possible that fusion will turn out to be the only viable long term solution.)

It’s not just that the hereditary oligarchs are stealing us, and our children’s future. They, and the stupidity they foster, are destroying the biosphere itself…


[Comment sent to Krugman editorial. ]

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